Cst. Time Sabean, Mayor Clarence Sweetland, Bernie Tousenard

RCMP Constable Tim Sabean
Ø  Retiring this Fall, Constable Tim has been a Police Officer for 35 years .Married to Doris for 32 of those years, they have three adult children - Greg, Ryan, and Natalie, plus  three Grandchildren.
Ø  Tim, as he is fondly known to his friends and acquaintances, has worked in the Town of Riverview for the past 12 years, the last two as our Community Policing Officer.
You’ll find him in strategic locations throughout the Town; knowing he is in the vicinity as his trademark Black and White Camero, sporting a large DARE Decal, will be parked close by. 
His contributions include:
Ø  Teaching Dare at Riverview Middle school
Ø  Present at Ward “Block” Parties
Ø  Present at special events such as SUNFEST, Canada Day in the Park, and Remembrance Day Celebrations.  After the Nov 11th Ceremony at The Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, Constable Tim helps serve the luncheon meal to Veterans here at the Coverdale Recreation Centre
Ø  Provides information & direction about the “Neighbourhood Watch” program
Ø  Presents numerous talks to Seniors regarding “Personal & Group Safety”
Ø  Is the “School Resource Officer” for Riverview Middle & Riverview High
Ø  Sits on the “Riverview Crime Prevention Committee” as the Community Policing Advisor
Ø  Is involved with the “Greater Moncton Crime Stoppers Association”
Ø  Coordinates the information KIOSK in Champlain Mall during the “Police Week” annually held in May
Ø  His “Claim to Fame” is his commitment in helping  build healthy relationships among children, students, seniors and community.                                                                                                              

Some comments made by those having the pleasure to watch, work alongside, and learn from Constable Tim Sabean are:
Ø  He’s Professional
Ø  Committed
Ø  Friendly
Ø  Fits in and adapts well to all Environments
Ø  Develops relationships of trust  with teachers, students, seniors, youth and community
Ø  Nourishes the positive image of “Police Presence”, taking away the fear that many experience at the sight of the uniform or vehicle
Ø  Schools and Community are better; safer; and consequently, much healthier because of Constable Sabean
The “Riverview Crime Prevention Committee” is fortunate to have Constable Tim as one of our members.  In addition to agreeing that he is committed, we can add that he is “punctual”!  We hold a breakfast meeting once a month at the Homestead Restaurant at the early hour of 7 am.  Tim is always there beforehand.  He has offered to remain with the Committee after he retires this fall and we are most grateful.
It is our pleasure to nominate Constable Tim Sabean as the Riverview Crime Prevention Committee’s “2012 Town Volunteer“
 Darrell Banfield,Treasurer Bernie Tousenard, President
  Darrell Banfield, Cst. Tim Sabean

Members of the Riverview Crime Prevention Committee join with Cst. Tim Sabean at the Volunteer supper April 26,2012, in recognition of his contribution, Left Cecile Cassista, Cst. Tim Sabean, Bernie Tousenard and Darrell Banfield.

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Darrell Banfield gets a hug from granddaughter Alyssa Banfield .
Currently the treasurer of the Riverview Crime Prevention Committee (RCPC) struck by the RCMP, he's also served as president and vice-president - one of the longest-standing members at more than 15 years.

He's proud of the RCPC's track record, having at one time opened an RCMP sub-office in downtown Riverview, funded through the support of the business community and managed by Darrell on a volunteer basis.

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